Capturing the sun
The Sun fuses 500 million metric tons of hydrogen each second

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Inside Look into Plug Power Production

Did you ever want to know how a fuel cell was made? See what all the buzz is about with hydrogen companies. You can actually get a great inside look in to Plug Power production of its fuel cells here. Plug Power (NASDAQ: PLUG) is world class with its fuel cell and fueling technologies. They’veContinue Reading

Plug Power Strategic Investments

Plug Power made a splash with two major announcements. Within a span of a week, Plug Power announced partnerships with SK Group and Renault, launching Plug Power’s stock into the stratosphere. Both are global companies with significant reach into Asia and Europe respectively. Here’s a breakdown of key Plug Power strategic investments. Gigafactory Before weContinue Reading

Hydrogen Will Disrupt the LNG Market

Hydrogen is the ultimate energy carrier. It can be produced carbon-free with renewables like solar and wind. It can also be stored and transported for multiple end-uses. On the other hand, liquified natural gas or LNG can do the same, but it’s a fossil fuel and emits CO2. Essentially, LNG is natural gas that’s beenContinue Reading

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